Shawn Athlete, model, musician and conduit of positive energy. Shawn Pereira has led a charmed life in many ways. Not only has he found success
as a international male fashion model, his musical lifestyle concept, SUNROCK, is similarly off to a fantastic start. Shawn has never forgotten his
first obligation: to help the world find it’s smile. With that in mind, Shawn founded SUNROCK. Shawn’s mission: to create an “Empire In The Sun.”
If the past is prologue, then Shawn Pereira and SUNROCK will indeed make the world a better – and brighter – place. Born in Milton, FL, and raised
in Southern California, Shawn appreciated early on the benefits of a vibrant lifestyle revolving around surf and sun. A natural athlete, Shawn lettered
in four sports during high school, a trend of excellence he continued in college.

 It wasn\\\'t long before Shawn\\\'s rugged good looks drew the attention of the fashion industry, and by his mid 20\\\'s he was traveling throughout America,
Europe and the Caribbean, modeling for international ad campaigns. Among his clients, such companies as Tag Heuer Watches, Coca Cola, Miller Beer,
Crystal Lite, and Ralph Lauren. He also graced the covers of magazines such as Men\\\'s Fitness and Verge. Even during those whirlwind years, Shawn
made efforts to give something back, including organizing a Hollywood rooftop benefit to raise money for breast cancer research, shortly there after,
He then began pursuing his other passion -- music –by writing songs and performing live. \\\"There was one magical night in Jamaica while I was on a
shoot, \\\" he remembers. \\\"I got on stage and found I loved performing.\\\" 

He returned to Italy (his home at the time), and became a regular on the celebrated Italian club scene. Throughout the late 90\\\'s, Shawn continued to
travel seeking the experience of life while holding on to his day job as an international fashion model. Meanwhile, out of the diversity of life, came
the seeds of an even more ambitious idea: To fuse his passion for music with the healthy, sun-drenched lifestyle he lived and share it with the world.
“This is about a movement” he said. “ About making a unique contribution to life by harnessing two common forces I find synonymous with
elevating the human spirit, music and sun.” His vision: SUNROCK-- a celebration of life through the power of music and the endless energy of sun.
\\\"I want to create a Mecca, or gathering place, uniting these elements and inspiring life. Anywhere you find the sun, you will find SUNROCK.”
With more irons in the fire than he can count, Shawn is building SUNROCK largely on the strength of his larger-than-life personality. But no matter
how big the picture, it always comes back to his core belief. \\\"Once you take the focus off yourself, \\\" he notes, \\\"and put it back in others enjoy the
experience and luxury of life, the streams and rivers seem to flow your way. We all want to achieve the balance of work and play, that’s success
in my book.\\\" With SUNROCK on the rise, Shawn Pereira can be satisfied that he\\\'s finding success on his own terms, while leaving an illuminated
trail of positive energy, expanding at the speed of light. Sunrock is a Philosophy, Music Foundation, a Music Festival and a\\\" R-evolution\\\"
under the sun.

Shawn wants to celebrate life, give back to schools and form music programs specifically for Autistic and special needs children. Shawn has been
busy in 2010, expanding the Sunrock culture, working with Earl Lee and the Tallahassee Boy\\\'s Choir, part of Oprah\\\'s Angel Network,and co
producing and attaching The Sunrock Music Foundation to Nick Loren\\\'s record release party in New York City with guest\\\'s including John Travolta,
Chubby Checker, Tony Scott, Louis Guzman and hosted by Mark Steines of Entertainment Tonight. With the creation of Musik Skool and partnership
with Neighborhood Rock School, among his 2011 projects, Shawn and Sunrock are shining brightly towards the future and the \\\"Power Of M.E\\\"
(Music & Education). 

2011 has proven to bring Shawn closer to the fullness of his light. With the amazing abilities of social media, Shawn\\\'s musical passions have found
themselves energizing the airwaves in Latin America, where his song has been playing in heavy rotation on RCN Radio Brazil. On Oct 24th,2011,
Shawn was featured on NBC for an interview and he performed his first single \\\"I\\\'m still loving you\\\", which released on iTunes on his birthday,
Oct 22. With a year shaping up to be his brightest yet, Shawn has become even more centered and focused on delivering his message -
that together, through the power of music and the endless energy of the sun, we can elevate the quality of life for everyone.

Riding the wave of his new musical success 2012 has put shawn in the mix. Performing and writing with the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Jason Mraz , Jack Tempchin and many many more. Having legends like Ben Fong Torres of rolling stone magazine share high complements of his music , really ignited his creative juices. Shawn also received the greatest gift of all in dec of 2012 , the birth of his son Griffin. 

Writing , Collaborating and creating through out the next few years Shawn developed relationships and connections that brought him his next radio single \\\"A Place In The Sun\\\" and set the stage for what was about to happen. From writers retreats to concerts on the beach Shawn was setting up for success the only way he knows how, teamwork. On a day at home recording in the kitchen , Joel Piper and Shawn created a magical EDM remix of one of Shawn\\\'s songs that would change their musical live. They made a hit song.

Shawn\\\'s first #1 HIT SONG \\\"LOVE IS\\\" hit the airwaves on a monday in june 2015 as ARTIST OF THE WEEK and with in that week he broke into the Top Ten countdown on RCN radio Latin America\\\'s biggest radio station. LOVE IS is currently rock\\\'n the airwaves and clubs from Brazil to Paris. Beach clubs in St Barths to Night clubs in Newport the world is dancing with Shawn. 

Shawn\\\'s answer to LOVE IS come in the form of RIDIN NEXT to ME an acoustic song created for cruisin down the coast and celebrating life. With Paris Zax producing and co writer Clay Priskorn , 2016 if off with a bang and Shawn has his next radio hit released and spreading to the world. 

With all this Energy that is SHAWN SWIM PEREIRA, 2016 has sparked many new rays of light. Shawn is currently finishing his 1st book in a series he will be releasing . I WANT THE BALL, is the beginning of another shining creative direction. Harnessing his writing ability with a philosophy of \\\"Approaching each day , the way a champion approaches each play\\\" has I WANT THE BALL, set to be the handbook of inspiration and drive for all to enhance the quality of their lives. MECCA, AWARE , THE GAME and FREE are all in the works as well.

The Creative Entrepenuer in Shawn has him now building his Empire Under The Sun at a pace and tempo expanding at the speed of his Energy. Agavie Tequila, HBL haircare, Destination Luxury are a just first light on 2016\\\'s collaborations and partnerships. 

Shawn has always felt the urgency to live life , love life and celebrate life RIGHT NOW. To do this Shawn live by the philosophy of Learn , Do, Teach. Developing New Creative ways to achieve this Shawn founded The Crazy 8 and The POP music festival , focusing on the UN Millennium Goals and employing Music,fashion,design,technology and purpose as a platform to expose and solve the worlds challenges.

Experience is Life to Shawn and changing, growing and adapting is the only way to sustain the Energy to needed to live a full life. as 2016 has begun like the sweet sunshine rising on a day, you can be sure the future is beaming with possibilities for us all.







The Direction Of Your Soul

I'm still loving you

A place in the sun

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